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"Make the latest technology accessible to everyone by providing great customer service, competitive prices and the biggest range of the highest quality brands from all over the world."

PLE Computers was established in 1991 by Peter and Maureen Lingley. Since then, we have grown to become one of the leading retailers of custom-built computers and computer components. We are proud to be an Australian owned and family-operated business that aims to provide exceptional products at affordable prices. We are committed to giving our customers best-in-class customer service before, during, and even after each sale.

We aim for each of our customers to be completely satisfied with our products and services. One of our core principles is to build a win-win environment for our valued customers, staff, and partners.

PLE Computers is currently present in five retail stores spread across Western Australia and Victoria. We also have distribution points in two states, as well as an online store. This is all made possible by more than 75 staff members, who are dedicated and passionate about giving the best service at all times.

However, we are not all about work, as we also believe in giving back to our local communities. PLE Computers supports a diverse set of community groups, non-profits, and grassroots organisations all across our nation. Our community engagement program is active and serves to express our gratitude to our customers. We also get the chance to truly understand some of the challenges that our customers face and we learn how to better serve our communities.

We thrive on feedback and we want to hear from you! We love hearing customers’ stories -whether they reflect the joyful times of triumph or the hard seasons of perseverance. As we collect feedback in our stores, online, or during local events, we continually evolve in our ability to serve you as the premier technology destination in Australia.

Our customer base is wide and so are their needs. Whether our customers are at home, at play, at work, at school, doing business, or running the government, we will be there. It is our mission to ensure that all your computing needs are perfectly met. We stand ready to listen and serve you. We are here for you.