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Every day is Photography Day

It has never been easier to take a picture than in our days. Photography comes naturally to you when in good company or in front of a beautiful view. It is that simple that sometimes we forget why we are doing it, what those images are meant for. World Photography Day is a reminder of how special this invention is and how important making the most of it is every day, everywhere.

Why do we celebrate Photography Day?

Photography is the combined magic between art and science that humanity had seized throughout all its history. The great desire of capturing reality on stills eventually saw the light in France, thanks to Nicéphore Niépce, in 1827, when the inventor took the very first photograph with eight hours of exposure on camera. We would need to wait twelve years and Niépce’s collaboration with Louis Daguerre to reduce the exposition time to 15 minutes. The daguerreotype (named after Daguerre), a copper plate coated with silver, exposed to iodine vapor before being exposed to light, marked the revolutionary beginning of what we now called photography. 

After the French Academy of Sciences announced the amazing discovery in January 1839, the French government, who purchase the patent, declared the invention a “gift to the world” on the 19th of August on the same year. Since then we have come a long way and are not done yet discovering and experimenting in this field. This most likely never came to anyone’s mind when ready to get into the let-me-take-a-picture mode: we own this invention as part of our daily routine and this itself is very special. 

We want to inspire you to keep (or start!) taking pictures and make Photography your trusted daily journal because there is nothing more important than your story and the way you see the world. Here are 10 reasons why this is so important in our society and how you can make creativity your ethos and Photography your call.