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Welcome to the world’s original digital games marketplace!
The original games marketplace
From our beginnings in 2013, we’ve been building our Kinguin community - fast forward to now - and there are almost 15 million ardent fans! We’ve come a long way but guess what, we’re just getting started…. As the original games marketplace, we have always believed in creating that open accessible platform. Today, we love connecting gamers with sellers to give them the best, most competitively priced games in the world. We are here to help people spend less and enjoy more as they discover new digital products and services.
So many ways to play!

We offer players access to over 150k games and other digital products. Want the newest CSskins? How about MS Office, or a month of your favorite sub?

Kinguin does even more.

Alongside our awesome Marketplace, we support the growth of the esports community too! From the Kinguin Esports Performance Center to the Kinguin Esports Lounge, we are the home for people who love games and esports.

And there is still so much to develop ;)

We’re home to Kinguiners - an awesome team of pioneers, gamers and people who want to make a difference.

But really, we’re just getting started - we’re wildly ambitious and are on a "go big or go home" plan for building our business globally. So our purpose is simple - with Kinguin, everybody plays!

We believe people work best when they can choose where to work - so whether you’d rather work from your bedroom or come into the office, it’s up to you.

And we know everyone thrives and is at their best when we can be totally relaxed and completely ourselves at work. We all bring our whole imperfect self to the job.


We want people across the world to get their hands on all the best games without having to pay a fixed price. We believe everyone has the right to play, how and when they want. Our mantra is very simple - with Kinguin, everybody plays!

We love gaming, we love tech, we love stories - basically anything cool or entertaining that we see in the world and pop culture around us today. From Roblox to CS:GO and from Twitch to Game of Thrones (we do not talk about s8), people have never had more awesome choices in what they can have fun with.

We’re here for you - to stand up for gamers, esports fans and people using our platform, to have that choice and to purchase and play in a whole new way.

Unleash your potential with Kinguin
If you’re curious about games, passionate about playing and eager to reach the next level, we want you! Kinguin is looking for heroes to help us craft and build our future. We are revolutionizing our industry and we want people who want to build a new type of business.

Changemakers, games designers, social media gurus, mavericks - we’re here for you. We’re growing fast - so buckle up and enjoy the ride!