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Never forget again!

We'll remember for you. We'll send the right dose at the right time, personalised for your pet and delivered through your door for free. And we'll gently remind you to apply.

With add-on products to help with a range of wellbeing needs - from fleas, ticks and worms to calming, dental and joints - you can create the perfect programme of complementary treatments to help your pet live a happy and healthy life.

Made by experts, backed by science

We've been in the pet care industry for 10 years, and our gold-standard treatments are developed with vets and made by the best scientists and chemists. Itch Flea kills fleas, ticks and their eggs, protecting your pet and your home. Other flea treatments don't. From only £6.50 per month and delivered free. Our subscription service makes preventing issues even easier. And our unique business model, that cuts out the middle man, means we can focus on keeping quality high and costs low.

What the vet says

"I have seen so many dogs and cats suffering because they weren't treated for fleas and worms in time. Not only that, it can be dangerous for families too. That's why I love the Itch personal protection pack subscription and app. It makes it so easy to protect your pet and never miss a treatment." Zoe Costigan, BVSc BSc(hons) Cert AVP MRCVS.

About the team

Jonny Gould says, "As an entrepreneur, I love seeing a problem and fixing it. With my background in the pet care business, when I realised that even I forget to flea my OWN pets, I knew that a problem existed that I could fix. Make a gold-standard flea product, tailored to a specific pet and get it direct to the pet owner with a massive saving. Boom - problem solved.

To make ITCH a household name and readily available to everyone, we needed to get a crack team together - Itch’s co-founders.

James Cox, Founder of Simba Sleep, is a game-changing entrepreneur who loves to bring premium products and services direct to customers, at the right price, leaving out the middleman.

Charlotte Harper, expert marketeer with start-ups including Zoopla &, loves brands that make things easier. She is going to make itch famous!

Adam Gould, ex-lawyer with tons of pet care market experience, likes to get stuff done and will ensure that our vet-grade products arrive on time, at our customers door without a hitch.