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The Rooftop Revolution begins with you

If you believe that a better world is possible, this is your Revolution. Connect to 100% green energy. You will save CO₂ and the planet will save.

A Revolution with electricity rates adapted to you

We are an electricity company that offers you the energy you need without overpaying and according to your preferences . Always with a fair price and using technology to offer you maximum savings and comfort . These are the 2 rates that we can customize based on your needs:

Classic: if you want to control each invoice.

You use the energy you need and pay for it at the end of the month. With the Classic Rate you manage all your bills and, thanks to the pre-invoice, you know in advance how much you pay each month.

Fair Rate: if you prefer not to worry about your bill.

With a flat fee, without extra costs at the end of the year, you will no longer be aware of your bills. The Fair Rate is based on honesty. A pact between you, us and the planet.

Also add your roof

We install solar panels to transform your roof into green energy for you and the rest of the world . With the energy generated by your plates you will become part of the solution to climate change and you will have fixed savings for life that will reduce your bill to almost €0 . Now, in addition, take advantage of a subsidy up to 55% of the value of the installation.

And if you already have solar panels, switch to Holaluz Cloud.

Go to Holaluz Cloud , the energy that compensates. We buy your surplus energy at the best market price and thus save on your bill.

Why Hellolight?

Your electricity company should be 100% green

We are. The purpose of this electricity company is to create a 100% renewable world by connecting people to green energy .

We always offer a fair price

In this electricity company there are no discounts or entry promotions, because we reward your trust by always offering our best price and lowering it even if you don't ask us.

We personalize your rate with our technology

Because you don't need the same things as your neighbor, we offer you rates tailored to your needs, always seeking maximum savings

We work for people and the environment

That is why we are founders of Conscious Capitalism in Spain, to ensure that businesses have a positive impact on the world...

Being from Holaluz is easy

• You sign up in 3 minutes

• With just your address or an invoice

• We take care of everything (you, nothing) 😉

• Are you renting? You can also change

• Don't worry, you won't run out of light

• No permanence, stay because you want to

• O llámanos gratis al 900 67 07 07