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Breathe easy with is staffed by homeowners just like you. We know buying replacement air, furnace, and water filters for your home or business can be a challenge, especially if it's your first time. Finding the proper filter that meets your personal and financial needs is crucial to being satisfied with your purchase. At, we understand. That's why we keep our inventory large and our prices small with Fast Shipping & Free Returns on all products.

From the click of the button that places your order to the satisfying snap of your new filter in place, we want to be there. We want to be there when you buy your first house, when you're checking off your seasonal to-do list, when you're showing your children the ropes, and when you need some help yourself. even remembers what filter you've selected in the past and reminds you when it's time to replace it.

Refrigerator Water Filters

Want to get the best-tasting water and ice from your fridge? Our premium refrigerator water filters use activated carbon filtration to reliably absorb the unwanted impurities in your water. We have filters for every major brand that meet or exceed OEM standards to give you cleaner, clearer, better-tasting water and ice every time.We have the largest selection of discount filters in all the top brands including their aftermarket versions for a less expensive price. Replacing your refrigerator water filter regularly is an important and easy step in your home's maintenance routine. 

Furnace & AC Filters

Find the perfect replacement filter for your home furnace or AC system in the exact size and MERV rating you need. We offer replacement filters for the major brands, exceeding OEM specifications while beating competitor prices. Use our Filter Finder to get your exact filters by dimension, brand or create your own custom replacement filter.MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and is an industry standard to rate a filters efficacy. We recognize this is not very easy to understand for consumers, so we developed our simple to use application naming system. 

Simply pick the filter that suits your needs.Allergies, pets, odors and smoking all can greatly affect the quality of your indoor air. Discount Filters offers many different types of air filters to help you breathe easier and choose the correct filter based on your specific needs.

Finding the right filter thickness is important.

Ensuring that your filter fits properly in your HVAC system means making sure that you have not only the right length and width, but also the thickness of your filter.

Most standard air filters are 1 - 2 inches in thickness. Whereas media filters are typically 3 to 5 inches in thickness. The best way to measure your air filter size is to get out the measuring tape and measure it directly. Also your current filter probably has the dimensions printed on the frame.

Humidifier Filters / Water Panels

Many homeowners buy humidifiers to control the humidity in their homes and then forget to regularly change their water panels. We carry whole house humidifier water panels from a number of top brands including Aprilaire, Honeywell and Trane. Looking for Portable Humidifier Filters?

Boost your indoor humidity level by adding moisture into your indoor spaces.

In colder weather, humidity levels drop due to cold air not being able to hold as much moisture causing the air to be drier. Low levels of moisture in your indoor environment can cause a number of health concerns. Itchy skin, dry eyes, bloody noses, and dry skin are examples where humidifier filters are the simple solution to resolve the issue.

Humidifiers work to revitalize your home by making the dry air in your indoor spaces more comfortable. Humidifiers boost your indoor humidity level by adding moisture into the air in your indoor spaces. By doing so, humidifiers rejuvenate your household by bringing moisture back into a dry environment to allow for a more comfortable living situation.

Your humidifier contains a filter that is used to ensure that your indoor environment is brought clean, pathogen-free water vapor. Over time, this humidifier filter can begin to have blockages accumulate on it. To prevent this from occurring and causing damage to your humidifier and home, make sure that your humidifier filter is clean by washing away built up residue along with replacing old filters routinely. This can prevent future problems from occurring as well as ensuring maximum efficiency and comfort levels in your indoor spaces.

Pool & Spa Filters

Every time you go for a dip in your pool or spa, we want you to have the best experience you've had in a long time. That's why we get excited when people get filters. They are improving their lives.

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Whether you're in the market for replacement air filters or water filters, DiscountFilters offers a higher quality filter for a much lower price 40% to 70% off retail, to be exact. On top of that, we have nearly every shape and size of filter available, in-stock, and ready for delivery. No need to drive to your local Big Box store and dig around the shelves to find the filter you need. Plus, you can schedule free, regular deliveries so you never run out of filters and, better yet, you never have to run out and GET filters ever again. Plus you can lock in your discount price with our filter subscription program.

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When you order from some other online filter sites, you may not know what you're getting. There are a lot of overseas filter knock-offs masquerading as something else. All of our filters are of the highest quality, manufactured and tested to meet the highest standards. We wouldn't have it any other way.

For starters, we've designed this website to make it as easy as possible to find and buy the filters you need. If you're still having troubles, shoot us an email or give us a call and we'll be happy to take care of you.

Even still, if you aren't 100% satisfied with your DiscountFilters purchase for any reason, you can return your item via our 100% money back guarantee free return shipping for a full refund.Whether it's your first purchase or your fiftieth, Discount Filters doesn't charge for shipping on orders over $50. So you not only save a trip to the store, you can also save on delivery right to your door. And if, for some reason, you do need to return a filter, that's on us, too.

Simply put, you get the fastest, easiest, most affordable way to buy filters. Time and time again.