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Our People

Twelve. That’s how many bras were in Co-Founder Heidi Zak’s drawer in 2012. How many of them fit? Zero. Frustrated by lousy bras and bad fits, Heidi decided to build her own damn bra. She teamed up with experienced bra designer Ra’el Cohen, who created innovative designs based on breast size and shape. Together, they launched ThirdLove’s first bra—and a small revolution—in 2013.

Our product

We do bras differently. No discomfort. No dressing rooms. No drama. Just insanely comfortable bras, designed to fit perfectly. We use millions of real women’s measurements—not size templates—to create our products. Our Fit Finder recommends your ideal bra in 60 seconds. In between cup sizes? We invented half-cups. We carry double the amount of sizes of most other brands. We make it our mission to make a bra for you.

Our Community

Every woman deserves to feel comfortable and confident. That core belief drives our company, from the products we design to how we give back. That's why we've partnered with I Support the Girls to donate bras to women in need—we donated $10M in bras in 2018 alone. The not-for-profit works to support women at times of transition, and we're proud to contribute to their mission.