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Showpo is one of Australia’s fastest growing online fashion retailers, based on the sunny shores of Sydney, Australia!

Our team of over 120 work hard to bring girls all over the world a fun shopping experience, while being industry leaders in marketing, data, tech, creative and customer happiness.



Making a difference

Shop your heart out and make a difference in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Over the past four years Showpo has been supporting charities through our annual charity sample sale, where we have the opportunity to work closely with non-profit organisations towards a more positive future.

Showpo x The Hunger Project

Showpo has been working closely with the non-profit organisation The Hunger Project to help raise funds and awareness for the movement towards ending hunger and poverty.

“A world where every woman, man and child leads a healthy, fulfilling life of self-reliance and dignity.”
- The Hunger Project Australia



Our contribution

We sell our samples, which have only been worn for brief periods of time shooting, and donate ALL OF THE PROCEEDS to The Hunger Project Australia!