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We create intuitively designed products that make parent life a little easier.

At JuJuBe, we are all about family. And because we know that “family” means different things to different people, we take care to ensure that our bags and accessories are not only stylish but also reliable, multifunctional, and durable for all who use them—we want you to love what you carry.

With nearly two decades of innovation behind us, our Design Team puts thought into every product detail—from fabric and hardware to pocket placement—so that you can spend less time rummaging for what you need and more time enjoying life’s adventures. Parent life … simplified!

JuJuBe’s versatile collections of premium bags and accessories are intuitively and conscientiously designed to help support the lives of our customers while they journey down the path of parenthood.


We are committed to creating superior products that can outlast, outwear, and outstay the others—day to day, month to month, year to year.


We act with intention in all matters of business to serve our customers with integrity and transparency, and we take pride in our work without taking it all too seriously—we maintain a sense of humor, fun, and lightheartedness.


We are dedicated to celebrating diversity, equality, and inclusion in all its forms, across the company and in the community we serve.


We employ advancements in various technologies for the benefit of our product lines and company operations to ensure consumer satisfaction and a seamless customerservice experience.


We’re proud of the baby steps we’ve taken toward reducing our carbon footprint, and we pledge to continue improving environmental efficiency in every aspect of our business to protect the world for future generations.