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RAD is today's market leader in the distribution and sale of motorcycle accessories and motorcycle riding gear.

With over 35 years of experience we are the specialist!

Our team consists of around 45 passionate colleagues who are happily sharing their passion with other riders every day.
We offer many top brands at very competitive prices.
Thanks to our Lowest Price Guarantee you can be sure that you never pay too much with us.

Motorcycle clothing

Welcome to the right address. We are the motorcycle clothing specialist in Belgium and the Netherlands. It's that simple. Navigate through the categories and subcategories below until you find the best suited article for you. Yes, that does exist. And there's a large chance RAD has it!

Anything you put on near a motorcycle, you'll find here. Whether it's for on your head, your body, your feet or all three together, it doesn't matter.

Motorcycle clothing and footwear in the first place but also safety vests, earplugs, maintenance products for motorcycle clothing, replacement zippers or even a keychain - there are many things in and around the motorcycle that can prove their worth as protective motorcycle equipment.

The motorcycle is one - very necessary - element to start that ride, but your personal protective equipment is at least as crucial. Of course, it's hard for us to argue the contrary, but as motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves, we advise against skimping on safety gear. However tempting it may be, sometimes.

Motorcycle equipment

A motorcycle can essentially be reduced to two wheels, handlebars, the engine and a fuel tank. Everything else can be adjusted, equipped and finetuned. Maybe out of necessity - mirrors and indicators break - but sometimes just because you feel like it.

The categories and subcategories below are a playground for DIY enthusiasts and those who love to tinker. Not for maintenance and spare parts (then this is the place to be), but when it comes to modifications to your bike.

Maintenance and spare parts

Welcome, wrenchers, oil aficionados, black-nailed men and women, tinkerers, homebuilders and do-it-yourselfers. Welcome to your very own personal amusement park.

Whether you're looking for sealant, clutch, spark plugs, oil and air filters, brakes, lubricants, chains, batteries or tyres, the categories and subcategories below will help you navigate your way to what you're looking for. Just about every liquid that runs through a petrol engine - apart from fuel - and everything else that has to do with cleaning and washing your bike, is right here.

Doing it yourself is fun, even if you're not an expert. Keeping the manual of your motorcycle at hand, can be useful. Nevertheless, we listed the necessary steps next to a lot of things in a clear way and with a good dose of common sense we are sure you will come a long way.


Welcome to the wonderful world of motorcycle travel, weekend trips and commuting. The motorbike - fast, fiscally attractive and easy in traffic - is increasingly emerging into a full-fledged alternative to the car, both for professional use as for holiday purposes. This requires the ability to take something with you while travelling - in a safe, comfortable and simple way.

We'll say it straight away: the carrier straps you use on your bicycle don't count. When you are on your motorbike, wind, outside conditions and weather play a much bigger role. Pulling over on the motorway to tie things up again ... think again.